Friday, February 12, 2010

Let it snow!!!!!

Here are some pictures of the snow from the house on the hill. It's been snowing here since before daylight and it's really heavy snow right now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Window

As most of you know we live behind my grandparents. I only have one grandaddy, my mother's father died before I was born. My daddy's dad is my grandaddy. He loved me and my only cousin very much and we loved him.

He was the best while we were growing up. He would give us money just for passing a grade. He had no idea how smart we'd turn out or he would have at least wanted A's, which we made anyway. He loved life as long as he was able to enjoy it. He had the first three-wheeler of anybody I knew and took us for rides all the time. He bought me dump trucks for Christmas, because I didn't like dolls!! He took me fishing on the creek. He went swimming with us in the creek, and he was the best looking man I knew in striped overalls.

He wore overalls as long as I can remember every day except Sunday. On Sunday he slicked his hair back and put on his Sunday best. He was a deacon in the church and had a beautiful singing voice, which runs in the Tolbert blood (I didn't get any of that blood). He lived life to the fullest and taught his gran-daughters to do the same.

He was diagnosed with COPD over 15 years ago, and his health began a steady decline ten years ago. He fell and broke his hip six years ago and his life thereon was severely limited. We lived with them while we were building our house and I thank God for those times. We have steps, so he was never able to see the inside of our house through anything but pictures. I would always take my laptop over and show him the progress we were making. I got to bring him over one time when he was having a good day so he could see the outside. Since those days I haven't stopped as much as I should and I haven't called as much as I should, as none of us do.

But he never loved me any less and he never acted disappointed when the weeks rolled by and he only seen my car go on by as he watched through the window. He lived on the inside of a house hooked to oxygen, looking out the window. Over the last three years that's what his life entailed. He could only enjoy the life he watched through the window.I've seen him suffer so greatly, that when he passed from this life early this morning and I was called to his side I could feel only joy and relief for him, for this man that taught and loved me so much, for this man that loved life so much, for this man that lived through the window, for this man, my grandaddy.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Parade

Friday night was Red Level's Christmas parade. Although it was VERY cold, all had a great time....especially Bell. I let her ride on the back with the girls and throw out candy. She had a blast.

Today was such a nasty day and it's STILL raining. I've already gotten stuck trying to get out of the driveway......we're trapped without a 4WD until some of this rain dries up. BUT, I did get some good pictures of Chad and Magnum by the tree.

Marshmallow Roast

There's nothing like a weiner and marshmallow roast the weekend after Thanksgiving. Everybody had such a good time at Thanksgiving we all decided to get together again that weekend for a good old fashioned fire and marshmallows. We all had a really great time!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pep Rally

Here are the girls acting crazy after the pep rally. It went really well. There are 22 girls all together with JV and Varsity.....if you've never tried organizing 22 teenage girls, well you just haven't lived!!!
This is there pretty pose.
Getting ready for their picture and acting silly.

Hillbilly Day

Isabella and Madison.....Bell's mom made her the cutest shirt. It said, "I don't have any hillbilly clothes, but I'm still a country chick." It was too cute.

Anatacia, Whitney, Coach Douglas, and Ashley

Ashley Wright

Coach Delores Douglas came as a pregnant hillbilly.....she was hilarious!!!!

Mr. Arnold, one of our history teachers

Even Desmond got in the hillbilly spirit!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's homecoming week!!!!! Today was costume day and our Jr. High teachers all dressed as football players and I am the head coach. I couldn't resist showing off these pictures.

Me & my players (L to R Jessica Ward, Melissa Nall, Heather Walden, me, Vivian Willis, Lisa Edson, & Kriston Bush)

The big-haired blonde in the middle is the other cheerleading sponsor. She is hilarious!!!!
This happens to be the REAL coach. He is not very happy with me. He says the pillow I used for his stomach is definitely TOO BIG!!!